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China-based electronics manufacturing services

China-based electronics manufacturing services

Electronics manufacturing services in China

The market value and contribution 

What is electronics manufacturing services? It’s offered by the companies that design, manufacture, test, distribute, and provide return services of printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly. The EMS industry came into being in the late 1970s when selectron, the world’s first EMS provider was established. During that period, most electronics manufacturing for large-scale production was handled by an in-house assembly.

These companies offered flexibility and eased human resource issues for smaller companies doing limited runs. Furthermore, EMS companies manufacture in large economies of scale. This enables the customer who does not need to manufacture and keep huge inventories of products. So, they can respond to sudden spikes in demand more quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the Electronic manufacturing service industry also creates value for the big innovator’s companies of the world and they prefer to select EMS companies to take care of the manufacturing process on their behalf.

Europe and North America transferred to South America and Taiwan, the global electronic manufacturing services industry now tends to transfer to the mainland of China and Eastern Europe. China’s electronic manufacturing services market plays an important role in the global market. In 2017, the value of China’s electronics manufacturing services market reached around USD3oo billion. What’s more, the proportion of China’s electronic manufacturing services market in the global market will continue to grow in the next few years. The growth of China’s market will be faster than that of the global market, with GAGR of 10%6 and in 2023, the value of China’s market is supposed to break USD500 billion.

After the liberalization of the economy, electronics manufacturing services grow rapidly and accelerate the informatization of its industrial development In 2005, About the country’s economic growth, the electronics manufacturing sector has accounted for 16.6% and its added-value output formed 7% of the GDP. Manufacturing was the sector that grew the fastest. Also, it’s three times that China’s electronic information industry has grown faster than the national GDP growth rate. In 2005, total sales in the electronic manufacturing industry increased by 28.4%6 from 2004 to 3.8 trillion yuan (approximately US$475 billion). All the statistics prove China’s role as an assembly base that is dependent upon overseas components and parts, intermediary goods, and capital goods.

What are the scopes of Electronics manufacturing services 

Some clients will only need a printed board assembly (PBA) to be populated with components and soldered. Others will be seeking a full turnkey service from sourcing components to final assembly and testing. It is important to evaluate the scope of activity each Electronic manufacturing service can offer reliably. Electronics manufacturing services are actually referred to the PCB manufacturing, which includes PCB fabrication and PCB assembly which put PCB together with all the components. As below it’s the scope of electronic manufacturing services:
2.1- Sourcing of components as specified by customer (electronics, wires, and harnesses);
2.2- Sourcing or fabrication of PCBs;
2.3- Assembly of Printed Board Assemblies (PBA) with SMT or PTH/DIP
2.4- Testing and certificate compliance of board (SPI, AOI, ICT, FT)
2.5- Conformance coating and other special treatment;
2.6- System assembly and testing
2.7- Technical work such as cost improvement, ODM or variant management.
2.8- enclosure manufacturing and tooling
2.9- Enclosure encapsulation.

The process of electronic manufacturing services

EMS companies would design, assembly, and testing PCB. Electronic manufacturing service companies may be contracted at various points in the manufacturing process. Before proceeding to develop the product, only designing file from the customer is needed, and then EMS company will source the components from a trusted distributor, and assemble and test the product. In addition, an EMS supplier specializing in the assembly may require the customer to provide components and assembly samples for design and manufacturing. EMS may provide additional on-site services, such as PCB etching, or provide these services through other contractors. Electronic manufacturing processing involves different levels of automation, depending on the company and project. Companies that produce large quantities of products often use highly automated production methods. Companies specializing in prototypes or small production typically assemble PCBs by hand to save time and cost in installing automated assembly equipment.

Design and Testing Services

In addition to manufacturing electronics, many service providers design and test electronics.


Design services include several related operations that are performed after the customer’s specifications or product requirements are determined and before production or assembly. EMS companies would first provide product concepts detailing the main objectives and initial specifications of the project. Companies can conduct research by visiting product users, consulting experts and exploring existing related products. After these two steps occur, the product is then developed, visualized, and tested, and a prototype is sent to the customer for approval.pcb manufacturing


Electronic manufacturing service companies may provide one or more types of product testing after completing a prototype or product run. Agency compliance testing ensures that the product meets the safety and quality guidelines of a certain agency’s standards. Analytical laboratory testing assists in quality control, failure investigation, and research and development. Automatic optical detection uses computer analysis of PCBs to locate defects, including broken marks, excessive solder, etching problems or improper hole positioning. Environmental testing simulates a product’s intended environment.
Environmental tests may vary the environment’s temperature, humidity, and vibration to test the product’s resistance.
Functional tests simulate the normal functions of an assembly to test its overall operational characteristics. In-circuit testing involves probing the components in the circuit to test their performance.

Functional tests simulate the normal functions of an assembly to test its overall operational characteristics. In-circuit testing involves probing the components in the circuit to test their performance.

Perhaps the two most popular types of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) used in electronic PCB assembly are In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Flying Probe. But how do you choose the most effective solution for your assemblies and guarantee a test strategy that works best for you? Much depends on the complexity of your product, of course, and whether you want to add any ‘special features’ on either solution; the following guide highlights the benefits and shortcomings of both types of testing, to help get you started when discussing test strategy with an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider X-ray testing uses non-destructive imaging techniques to provide a thorough analysis of an assembly.

Manufacturing and Production Capabilities

Electronic manufacturing service companies may specialize in one or more areas of manufacturing technique and production size.


Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are flat boards that hold electronic components. EMS providers populate PCBs with components to create printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) and may have the capability to work with several different types of boards. PCBs are assumed to be rigid and manufactured as a hard, inflexible board. Flexible PCBs can be bent and adapted to flexible circuits for instrumentation, automotive and medical applications. Rigid-flexible PCBs are rigid boards with flexible interconnects.

EMS may also focus on one of two PCB technologies: through-hole (THT) and surface mount (SMT).

Through-hole technology involves mounting components by inserting their leads through holes drilled in the board. The leads are then soldered into place on the opposite side of the board. THT components are typically hand-soldered or wave soldered to a PCB in a production line.

Surface mount technology components are soldered to the top of the board and are usually smaller and less expensive than THT components. From a manufacturing point of view, modern pick and place equipment enable quick and accurate installation of SMT components.


Soldering on PCBs results in populating the board with components. The tip of the iron is used to heat the solder and allow it to flow around Your components. The solder rod is at the tip to help transfer heat and raise the temperature of the metal part of the component to the solder’s melting point. This allows the component to stick to the PCB.So firstly you need to assure the quality of your PCB is ready for the following processes.
Types of Soldering Process
i. Reflow Soldering
ii. Wave Soldering
iii. Manual welding

Top 5 company for outsourcing PCB manufacture and PCB assembly

PCB manufacturing, from prototyping to mass defect-free production and PCB assembly services is a complex undertaking. Not every PCB Manufacturer Company can be reliable. With so many of the best PCB manufacturers in China, choosing one isn’t easy. Below is a list of the top 5 outsourced PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly companies;


MOKO is a global company with 17 years of experience in electronics ODM and OEM manufacturing. We have unparalleled experience and expertise in product design, engineering, and development, vendor network management, manufacturing, personalization, and implementation. Our network includes over 200 suppliers. Our customized solutions are engineered and manufactured for consumer electronics, transportation, beauty, health&fitness, led, agriculture, industrial control, and automotive.

We bring world-class products to the global market and reduce risks for our partners. Quality, sustainability, cost, and time-to-market are always the focus of our solutions. Following are their Products and Services:
PCB Manufacturing
Multilayer PCB
PCB Prototype
Flexible FPC
Quick turn PCB
High-frequency PCB
Metalcore PCBs
Blind & Buried vias PCB
PCB Assembly
PCB Turnkey
Parts Procurement
PCBA Prototype
PCB Layout Design
SMT Stencils
Reverse Engineering


Makerfabs is an open hardware related products& services manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. It has more than 5-years experience on open hardware and the PCBA production, dedicated to creating an ecosystem of “turn-key” solution for makers, besides the PCB, PCBA service, and open hardware products.

Golden triangle group ltd.

Golden tríangle group is a PCB prototype enterprise in China and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. They offer rigid PCBs to flex and combination, from metalcore to ceramic. they have all in hand.

Shenzhen Mincom Technic

Shenzhen Mincom Technic is Located in Guangming New District of China. The Company offers reliable PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services at Competitive andReasonable prices. The Company Focus of Manufacturing and Assembly of StandardPCB, Advanced PCB and HDI PCBs. This company a leading Printed Circuit BoardManufacturers and specialize in fast PCB Prototype, Small to Medium volume PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services. Shenzen Mincom Technic Manufactures Different Types of PCB:

Multilayer PCB
Standard Rigid FR4 PCB (1-40 Layers)
Flexible PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
Metal Core PCB 「Aluminium PCB/ LED PCB


PCBGOGO has over 10 years of experience in PCB fabrication and assembly, highly specialized not only in quick-turn PCB prototype and PCB assembly. but also medium and small volume PCB fabrication.
Following are the key points to consider about PCBGOGO:
High-Quality PCB Laminate uses Fr-4, Rogers, and Aluminum.
Fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality.
Guaranteed On-time Shipping.
Reasonable Competitive Price

Why choose Moko technology in PCB assembly and manufacturing

Moko technology provides assembly services for our PCB customers. Our online pricing software allows you to quote instantly for your PCB assembly services through a rough calculation. You can still get some idea of the actual cost, which will help you decide to use our service, as our PCBA price is as competitive as our PCBs.
We have many reliable and competitive parts in the world to ensure the quality and cost of your parts procurement. All of your work can be done under one roof, either SMT or insert holes or blends.

We provide low cost and high-quality PCB assembly and manufacturing.

Our price structure is transparent, there are no hidden costs and you will know where your money is going.

You can also regularly update your order’s PCB manufacturing process and shipment status by tracking your PCB assembly order status online.

Top 10 pcb&pcba manufacturer in china



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